Tree Removal

Regular tree trimming is important to maintaining the health of your trees. Cracked and damaged tree limbs can end up hurting the tree more. If they are not taken care of properly, the tree will eventually die. Reliable Tree Service can recommend the best course of action to help your tree survive. This can include cutting off decayed limbs properly to preserve the tree.

If the tree is past being able to be saved, then we offer reliable tree removal services to safely cut and remove your tree. We follow all of the safety standards to make sure that we are handling your project correctly. If your tree is by a building or power lines, then a more complex removal will be needed. We have over 16 years of experience in hard to reach tree removal and can safely remove any tree.

Tree Removal

While a person might be able to chop down a small sapling on their own, a full-grown tree is a very different story. Doing this safely requires the proper equipment needed to get the job done right the first time. The team at our tree service company is fully aware of the risks involved and take their job very seriously.

We take pride in responding quickly to emergencies. If you’ve only just become aware that you need an emergency removal service, get in touch and we’ll send someone over the next day at the latest.

Once the tree has been removed, we also offer stump grinding services. We will grind the stump to below ground level which will allow you to grow other plants or trees in that area. This service allows the area to grow back naturally. Contact Reliable Tree Service today in Oakville, Hamilton & Burlington, ON if you have a tree that needs to be inspected or removed.